Sunday, March 30, 2008

The headslands at Port Stephens and day sailors eager to sight the dolphins who often like to swim and play right near the bow of the boats. The bays and the off-shore islands can be seen from the navigation light house which had an 130 year anniversary in recent times.
Here is an old house on a small property reached by a narrow road up from the bay and visitors can wander around in peaceful surroundings, have a coffee and see over the small museum and the coastal patrol and souvineer shop. A car park is situated outside with a turning spot and the level area is limited, steps and a ramp give access to the views. Or one can park and walk up from the bay. Supplies, staff, refuse services and service vehicles would add to the visitor traffic.

This old dwelling houses a museum as a community work by amateurs and a laid-back cafe is at the side, which is both a little discrete and discreet behind a picket fence and is a private business selling light refreshments.

Coastal Patrol has a communications centre behind the old house. A souvineer shop is on the ground floor as well as other utilities. The patrol workers have parking space for maybe five vehicles. Parking space for about 12 - 16 vehicles is also provided for visitors.

A Cafe is on the far side of the house under a shelter and is not very obvious and has only a smallish sign on an inside wall of the verandah. Light refreshments are available which are prepared in a room in the old house . Large stainless refrigerators have been placed on the back verandah of the house behind screening.

A navigation light was originally inside the circular room. It now houses exhibits and the garden has several features to check out.
So, this nice little spot is largely free of ubiquitous features and was pleasant to visit.

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Great pictures today Julia thanks!

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