Monday, March 10, 2008

Enjoying sport on Sunday morning. The cricket season is finishing.
The chautauqua or rant is as follows.
Must we pull ourselves up by the boot straps?
'Society does not owe me a living'....'ask what I can do'.....however, there should be unrest in this society whilever it fails to put within reach a bearable and pleasant, reasonable, not over the top, lifestyle and gender equality without super super-human effort.
The aim is for family friendly workplace and homelife and supports etc as a given in return for a fair days work.

All power to pressure groups or whatever it takes to move ahead and improve the good life.
Can we leave the protests or the struggles for improvement to the work of volunteers or cash strapped student? It takes more than that.
Volunteering may be fulfilling but so is paid employment.
(Let me say my volunteering efforts are not extensive.)

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