Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who knows how old this blanket is? The brandname is Onkaparinga! A sweet sounding name!
Warm pure wool blankets would go well with those Chinese people caught in the snow in the severe winter weather this week. Countless numbers return to their home town for family and New Year festivities. The Year of the Rat, from about tomorrow onwards, is one that stands for natural leaders and a strong drive for success.

The Onkaparinga Woolen Company of South Australia (Lobethal) had 122 years of blanket manufacture until closure in 1992.
Afterwards, the factory site was reworked by the local council and partners to encourage small business with a 'focus on synergies in food, wine, tourism, art and light manufacture' and to retain the heritage. Another site, in Adelaide, has been refurbished minimalistically as a printing press: Finsbury Press.


Lezard said...

I just (re)discovered the wonderful feeling in sleeping in an old pure linen sheets (bought on ebay, as you cannot find them anymore) and a real 100% wool blanket. This blanket look very nice and warm to me!

Anonymous said...

The weather in China at the moment is indeed terrible. One of our web design guys was stuck on a train for three days. Let's hope the year of the rat brings better fortune