Friday, January 04, 2008


The windy weather yesterday was just right for the National Titles for the Stingray and Cobra class at Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club. For more news see These boats stand for a certain era.

One disappointed participant had broken the mast earlier in the week. He said the club house could revert to the city council and become a restaurant. I wonder how this fits with absolute waterfront development codes? Perhaps the sailing clubs are being encouraged to move and share facilities.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia -

I'm counting on you to keep me in touch with the real Newcastle. Love your shot of Georgetown a few posts back. I've got loads of shots of the Christmas light at Waratah Village.

Been back in Pittsburgh 11 days now and it feels like we never left.

Did you see my story about the differences between Christmas in Australia vs. Pittsburgh? Here's the link

I'm currently listening to ABC Newcastle online, by the way.

Happy New Year!


julia said...

Left us already? Settled down again? My, how terrible for you.
Yes, I had skimmed thru your outrageous article and it's really spot on. The Fruit cake episode is every bit as bizarre and I'll probably match it, and, unbeknowns, continue on with similar unlikely themes.

julia said...
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julia said...
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julia said...

Ended up with duplicated comment and have deleted them.