Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bright scarlet inflorescence, an Illawarra Flame tree is showey on Bridges Road, New Lambton. Out goes the usual olive green, brown and greys.
If this id is correct, here is an indigenous tree that occurs in forestland protected from wind on fertile soils with high rainfall. It can be found in the canopy of local sub-tropical rain forests. The soft stringy wood was once used for ropes and mats. (D. Waterhouse 1980)
Illawarra Flame tree. Genus: Brachychiton. Family: Sterculiaceae. Species: acerifolius.


Murphy_jay said...

Hi there.. nice shot you've got there.

Especially the feature of cool green against fiery red.

Pat said...

Love the colours in your photo! I really like this.

I would certainly appreciate your posting a condolence message in my blogs today for the wife of a good blogger friend...


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