Wednesday, January 23, 2008

'For sale' sign on a terrace house as seen from the waterfront drive around the edge of the city (and badly captured). The house has ocean views some of which are in the photos. The 'home made' sign looks like a private sale without a real estate agent involvd.
The property is evocative and has the character of many other old city clusters seen perched on hilly shorelines.
year, one of the other houses in the row was for sale and, by chance, I joined the inspection. Amazingly, the interior was almost as it was in 1900. Truly a time warp. Since then it has had a make-over and one rather appropriate, judging from
the exterior.

Monopoly Board game and Real Estate. The former Russian ideology has long gone as Monopoly - that symbol of capitalistic frivolity and greed- is played there for some time now. Monopoly was an item in todays news from Moscow. I suppose because Monopoly fans can vote online to help create the first ever world wide edition of the game, by casting votes for cities over the next weeks. The city that receives the most votes will be placed on the highest rent property. Information is on under press centre.

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