Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Clarice from Saint Malo asked about cycling. There is a band of dedicated cyclists but serious accidents are not unknown. Cycling is promoted to some extent and road lanes and several cycleways are dedicated for its use.
One safe and cool way to cycle is on the Fernleigh Track a shared cycleway and walkway from Adamstown to Kahibah and beyond along the route of a disused rail line complete with the novelty of a tunnel.

From a home neighbouring the track is a dish of water for thirsty dogs, cats, birds and whatever.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I am a bit of a space cadet..I am always asking questions. I really like the sites that show what life is really like where ever.

Pat said...

I agree with you Clarice. It's so educating to read about what is happening in other areas of this great globe!


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