Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reaching for the energy

Newcastles only big wind turbine seems to be reaching up to the sky for the breezes to keep the city running during the approaching night! Is this the future of energy, 'free' renewable and non polluting. For a city which has been based on technology we are slow to move on from the old coal based power structure. People want their power but what is the cost? Later generations will have to put up with the results of our excessive use and pollution it causes.


Anonymous said...

It will be like everything else. You will have to pay a utility company for the power it generates. They get it free once the cost of the turbine is met. From then on, its free to them, but costs you money. There seems to be something wrong with that but that's how things work. Or, you can buy one yourself and put it up in your backyard. I wonder if your city would allow that?

Carl said...

where is this located exactly? so i can find it on google earth?


julia said...

Wind turbine in on Kooragang Island (2304)on Cormorant Road on the banks of the south arm of the Hunter River which is crossed by the Tourle STreet bridge, a kilometer west of the turbine. It is a few kilometers north of the suburb of Mayfield.