Thursday, August 02, 2007


Reflections a la Nathalie, this city of Sydney is a close acquaintance of hers.
(That poster/billboard just happens to be there with the wrong message yet isn't that typical...even amusing in some way)


Margaret Chandra said...

Hi Julia - thought I'd check how you are going in Newcastle. Inriguing comment on "Ugly Betty". Have you watched the show? Cheers! M from Melb

Nathalie said...

Thanks Julia, I am very moved by the hommage. I trust the Ugly Betty sign has nothing to do with me (I never thought of myself as pretty so I had a few seconds doubt LOL)

Rest assured that I will be a regular (if not daily) visitor to Newcastle DP - not that far from the Central Coast where I used to live and where I have so many fond memories.

julia said...

Margaret: Thanks, yes, all is well and no, havn't watched Ugly Betty.
I will get to see the latest on your gallery site.
Nathalie: do enjoy what photography has to offer in a new/old location.