Sunday, August 05, 2007


Here is an appealing old school building on The Hill. Not just any old building. The sign states the earliest school in Australia 1816. But what is the reality? As an institution of learning the primary school had several sites until more recent times when it moved to this latest building.
The fluid and dynamic nature of 'signs.' Another sign (lower photo): Public education: Our students are Australia's future. What this really means is stop privatising education.
Why does this country copy others that way? Who wants to be like all the rest?


Kate said...

Looks like someone's getting away, on the scooter no less!!

julia said...

Good ovservation Kate, but its the postman doing the rounds on his Motorcycle ( as is usual) in fact, the postman kept appearing as I moved on to take more photographs around The Hill.

Lavenderlady said...

Intersting about the signs.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought we had an old school too. Out in the country. A mile from town. Two rooms. One used. Shortage of students. So in all 8 grades (elementary school) we had 23 students.

Amazing these old schools. No sports, no extracurricular activities but those people who attended them went on to lead the country in all spots, policital and otherwise.