Monday, April 03, 2017

On the border

This morning there is a beach but it is miles and miles from the coast, across is a steep sandy 'wall' that leads to a 'forest' of gum trees where bird life is loud mouthed and is all that is heard. Sunday's swimming and boating has ended.
  All is reflected in wide calm water with a beige appearance but on looking closer it is clear and cool but not icy in the morning sun, blue skies and nippy breeze.
  The River Murray near Cobram.  Its long jounney has hardly begun till it goes interstate and 'limps' into the sea afterall its waters that flowed to irrigate farms far and wide.
  Long sections have a wide 'corridor' of land on both sides of the river reserved as nature parklands.  In that specialised zone, the red gum trees, for one, depend on periodic flooding for their survival in a life that usually spans hundreds of years as the oldest trees are very sturdy, very tall and sprawling.
  Small anabranches and lakes are peacefull places for birdlife.  Camp grounds are found throughout.   


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William Kendall said...

It sounds like a good place to spend time in.