Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Not many priorities other than climate change on this blog.
  Do state and federal governments prioritise what matters to our society?   It is not beyond us to recognise important and more urgent matters but it seems all matters are given equal attention by the parliaments.
  The bigger picture and more pressing global problems need emphasis.
  There is non-stop talk, negotiations, enquiries, legal procedures and an extra big budget connected with our refugee prisons in an all-consuming process when the refugees could be granted asylum and we move on.  Move on from our self inflicted problems around detention and move to the bigger picture of global migrations and prepare for the impact on society now and in the future with new policies.
  Recently, the wording of legislation to address hate speech, for want of a better description, occupied the whole political agenda and while it is important it cannot be given equal weight and time with other outstanding issues about our future.
  We can do much better than toy around and politicians who cannot see the bigger picture. How can the politicians earn their keep by spending their time on party politics, on their problems and in-fighting and vague policies about a few difficulties. 

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William Kendall said...

There are times, many times (especially with the Cheetoh in the Oval Office) that humanity just frustrates me. And then every once in awhile a person comes along who surprises you.