Saturday, April 01, 2017

Interfloral contestant in the junior interstate comp at Melbourne Flower show.  Not only that, this is Jessie Smith of Warners Bay (Newcastle neighbour) taking part representing NSW..  Bridal bouquets have undergone change.
 Outside, the park had a range of exhibits, art, food and fun spaces.  Good weather was a bonus.

 Today, posting from near the Goulburn River in Shepparton, free of flooding.  The after effects of a cyclone are not likely to reach here in fact the land seems dry and ungreen. 
Irrigated orchards and water channels are in the surrounds and lakes have been formed.
 Here is the home of SPC  (Shepparton Packing company) canned fruits and vegies,including IXL and other brands in a very extensive sweet smelling factory with international sales, Campbells Soup factory was spied AND the one and only Furphys Engineering Works ('good better best' ) and that is dinky di.  

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William Kendall said...

That is a skill beyond me. The architecture is stunning!