Wednesday, December 28, 2016

 As well as Italianate revival the Grand Paradise Hotel has other glorious features in juxtaposition. A marble spiral staircase and hallway with full size panels in relief are seen on the web site. All of which could well be outdone overseas but to see this property in Java seems very unusual. It is extensive spread out rather than up and surely with big overheads to match.
  Modern colourful budget hotels of compact design are springing up all over the cities of Java. For example, Ibis hotels, the name of which is probably termed eebis just to catch you out and the price is about a third of that in Newcastle. It seems to mean in some cases that older classic establishments are losing out and probably a world wide trend.
  Former notable accommodation original retro hotels are found to have large rooms and have lovely timber furniture say with carved panels and special old light fittings, beds of a massive size, a grand atrium, art works and even a hint of colonialism. The facilities are modernized but unfortunately there is a limit to that. 

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