Thursday, December 29, 2016

Shakespeare and his band could be seen as entrepreneurial and took their audience to one country after another and to different epochs as a surprising device, although, it is presumed, location is a bit superficial. The theatre was the source of income.
The list is long.
  Naples, Verona, Milan, the frontier of Mantua
Windsor, Vienna, Ephesus, Messina, Navarre,
Athens, Venice, Belmont, the forest of Arden,
Padua, Rousillon, Paris, Florence, Marseilles,
Illyria, Sicilia, Bohemia, England, France, Wales,
London, Westminster, Kimbolton, Troy, Rome,
near Sardis, near Philippi, Denmark, Britain,
The Roman Empire.
Naturally, the texts were on the school curriculum and were very difficult but the spirit of the works was engaged with, the text was all, so other points went unnoticed such as the bard spent a good deal of his life in London often in different lodgings, during a plague and a new monarchy. Strathford gets a lot of attention.
King Lear is a might story.
The striking illustration, by Eric Fraser, is from The Illustrated Tudor Edition of William Shakespeare The complete works, Collins, 1951. In all, sixteen illustrations.

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