Sunday, December 04, 2016

Road Trip

Orange blossom perfume was lovely and heady from the orchards throughout the  M.I.A. - an irrigated region.
  Nine thousand hectares of citrus grow Valencia Oranges in the main with some Washington Navel and others, as well as grapefruit, lemons and mandarins for export and domestic enjoyment and packed in 51 establishments.

  Now that the backpacker visitors have a new competitive rate of taxation, the growers hope to see plenty of visitors dependent on work on the crops of food or flowers in the great outdoors..

A handout pointed to a trend to high density plantings of citrus with 450 trees per hectare which is double the accepted rate. 
Planting direction is generally dictated by the direction of the slopes under the gravity irrigation system. For maximum interception of light, row direction should be north to south but this is not always possible.

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