Monday, February 29, 2016

Two or three dimensional objects..
Our travels did not take us to the sophisticated side of town and the posh shopping malls were way down the agenda of us bogans-on-tour.
  Never the less, in Djakarta, was a store named Alun-Alun and found to have very appealing paraphernalia.  A certain genera of Indonesian craft is hard to resist and often features Batik motifs in nicely designed new styled accessories.  It was probably located in the shiny halls of Grand or plaza Indonesia mall.  The motorcyclists are most likely biding their time before they take over the shopping malls.  Who needs quiet?
 One who might be right at home in Jakarta is the young nouveau riche deputy mayor of Auburn.
 Flashy Italinate super sports and a Rolls; traffic penalties; suspicious conflict of interests; the right religion as seen on Youtube singing Quranic verses with his woman not to mention THE extravagant  public wedding under a mountain of roses. And publicity and controversy.
The petite bride-to-be might visit Pasar Baru environs to choose lace for her dress.  As it was her dress of French lace was lavishly adorned with Swarovski pearls and diamond crystals and took round the clock work over ten days from the dressmakers.
No, Auburn is not big enough for him.

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