Sunday, February 28, 2016

How much wealth is there to go around? We are not significant trading partners with Indonesia but both of us have roughly similar sized exports and imports with other countries. Similar sized trade but very thin on the ground when it is on account of 250 million Indonesians.  Compare that with our setting.
  But the Indonesian economy is fast growing. What forms of honourable and co-operative trade might be had and do the free trade agreements come into this?  Are we up for a daring unpredictable ride? Is that what it takes?
 We undertake complementary trade with Indonesia. It is close by. Open the borders. Innovate as Mr Turnbull says.
 Inconceivable levels of diplomacy and big economic questions tackled by the so called experts. 
 Business with other far afield players is not exactly a walk in the park such as seeing your brand name stolen counterfeited and traded.
What lies ahead?

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