Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Another corner in Jl Asia Afrika, Bandung.

Cold Bintang is terrific for the fluid intake and considered safe on some scores.
 According to the menu, several hotels served Australian beef as well as New Zealand Lamb conjuring up indigestion over live export.  But another hotel was drawing attention to some competition namely beef from the USA.
 Could be that Chicken is the closest that an average person might get to meat consumption and fish is available fresh and dried.  In fact, supermarkets stock a good range of bulk foods that are a real novelty in my eyes.  Gratuitous processed foods with redundant additives have made serious inroads with a price tag to match. 
 Trivial, but individual serves of butter had origins in New Zealand, France and some other place.  Our country has missed the boat over that export.  Of all things, Arnotts Tim Tams were there seemingly
 made under license. 

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