Thursday, February 18, 2016

How well did freedom of the press fare in Indonesie in Jl Asia Afrika?   Where does truth lie?
My old school motto was Veritas.
  The film, Spotlight, is about the Boston Globe and its uncovering of sexual abuse.  It is a fine movie, the degree of restraint is rarely seen in an American work.
Closer to home, Cardinal Pell is expected to give evidence by video link and crowd funding used to get aggrieved Australians to Rome to listen in.
Did someone pervert the course of justice in once giving Pell a role in the Vatican?
It has been declared too risky for Pell to undertake a flight back to Australian to appear in court. Thanks to the integrity of the medical profession.
Integrity? There is the instance of two amputated legs sent to landfill in Newcastle - heads will roll.
It is stated that doctors are not implicated in abusive harvesting of kidneys in Jakarta hospitals - was it the cleaner?

China says that installations on their man-made islands are only lighthouses!
Our treasurer toys with our common sense and is driven by ideology.

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