Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unoriginal words from a perfidious voter that's been got in by politics on the media. 

A certain MP has swanned around the globe for several years attending talk fests.  Fly in fly out style with relative freedom and with the luxury of dallying and trifling with us and the media.
Next he exercises his enormous ego by making statement from the US.  In the spotlight, tugging at our heartstrings at little.  Poor little vegemite!  Fullfilling the ambitions of some faction or other. Therese makes heartfelt statements about hard work and the like.  Well, join the club.
Well, things have been moving forward all the while. Real work in Canberra has progressed during his absences. Who does he think he is to turn up now making a kerfuffle just like his naughty cats in his story book? 
Initially I was 4 krudd, was pleased he was PM, but that was yesterday.

Imagine the glee at the 'big end of town' over tactics that downplay recent leglislation that taxes those with the 'mostest' and taxes the hugh mineral sector and, not only that, kicks off emissions trading.  
Everything, well, almost everything, that this person in the street dreams of.  And it is not due to Kevin Rudd.

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