Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Manpower and the broad axe and train sleeper hewers.  From that to this. Hey, Coles supermarket shelves of fresh produce are very diminished today (in one store at least) which could be because half the state is in flood or for some other reasons.
Who wants to see pairs of giant new supermarkets duplicated everywhere at the expense of local farmers unable to get good returns for their produce?
The obligatory trolley full to overflowing with gratuitous foodstuffs and crap is the status quo and supermarkets everywhere enjoy their captive consumers and grind and drive local producers to extinction. Repeating well worn phrases in this rant.
No worries with frozen, canned and some fresh supplies of food from China or from where ever, so many food lines sourced from countries far and wide at the cost of local expertise and jobs, all to make sure the duopoly is profitable. While it may not be confined to overseas producers, who knows if unhealthy products are used? Are spot checks done?
Well, that's how it seems. Could be that local producers need to become all super professional growers, no mucking around anymore, conform or go broke, out with diversity. Production is dictated.

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