Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still dreaming, visitors from outer spaces lie in romantic insulation in their home on wheels.  The city is stirring at sunrise. Google home page is flippant to the strains of 'cold cold heart'. Saint Valentines Day 2012.

'Have a heart' and refuse to use plastic shopping bags.  On sea and land the plastic breaks down into tiny pieces that are lethal to life forms which have a crucial role in our earth's homeostatis.
One city has just outlawed plastic bags altogether.
Take3.org.au is taking on this unseen sinister lurking menace with the message to take three pieces of litter away from the waterfront each time you visit. The sea is full of plastic bags and trash.

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Paul @ Leeds Daily Photo said...

I think our government here in the UK could and should do much more to encourage people to use less plastic bags. I saw a tv programme a while back and they looked at the contents of the stomachs of dead sea birds from the oceans, lots of small bits of plastic.