Thursday, February 09, 2012

 Regulatory photos from Civic park towards Laman Street.

 Surely this is the architectural style that is enjoying a reappearance.  This type of entrance with the rectangular structure to the fore is seen everywhere.

Towards Laman Street post fig trees, today.  Seems ok without trees planted as an avenue  The division of Laman street from the park below, by a line of trees, may be undesirable, when the area could be continuous using wide, broad, cleared steppes sweeping up to Laman street.  Would that mean more use of perpendicular lines?


Chris said...

Thanks Julia. I've been waiting for long-distance post-fig views. Boy is that art museum ugg-lee! But as you say, the rest seems OK, and it's neat to get a fresh perspective on familiar scenery, although I'm not saying that the fig-protectors were wrong, it's just that the result doesn't seem as bad as it might have been.

GiGi said...

I think Laman St looks bloody fabulous now! Looking at the Cultural Centre from King St, the library rises up out of Civic Park beautifully. And the Baptist Tabernacle and the Newcastle Art Gallery and St Andrew's church and The Conservatorium of Music are all visible now. What a great change. Obviously trees are valuable and we need as many as we can get - in parks, reserves, natural bushland and back gardens - but our architectural heritage is just as valid. Can the protestors please now move on - perhaps to the old court house, the old post office and however many other old Newcastle buildings are at risk.