Monday, June 28, 2010

Lake Macquarie from balcony.
Photo from last summer. Does it 'feel' wintry or summer-like?  Apart from the obvious high or low temperatures a certain something is experienced about the seasons. Is it related to the postition of the sun? Probably. Our patch moves further away from the direct sun and the rays 'feel' weakened and more subdued yet bright and the characteristics of winter are experienced yet are hard to define. 
In equatorial zones, eg Papua New Guinea, it's summer all year round. And it may be just possible to notice two peaks in the hot weather when those areas twice face the sun full-on - first when it shines more directly on the northern hemisphere then the change to shine on the southern hemisphere - and even notice a tiny cool bout of weather when the area is furthest, which is never very far, away from the sun.

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