Thursday, June 17, 2010

Caution bump on deck   
Morpeth's classic old timber bridge has been undergoing extensive repairs for a long long time now.
An example of the decking is shown in lower photos. Concrete and long timber poles are combined - if I am correct.

Is there an art in preparing these light-up signs where space is limited? Like Twitter?
Also, does one write 'classic old timber bridge' in that word order? Word order is an unknown. This is a bad example.  'Classic timber bridge' is more like it.  But other better examples of problems with word order are met.
I knew of an old text book that covered those aspects with absolutely everything about quality and quantity words and while it was intriguing it made no concessions to the reader and was a very dense read and I tried but did not take up the challenge. Left it to the word-smiths. There's always tomorrow!

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