Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Calcium, Estrogen, and Drugs are not the Answer (to bone health).
It it can be believed, literature can be found that questions the role of dairy foods, calcium supplements and bone mineral density because, people in the affluent West, on good diets, are not doing well when it comes to bone fractures.
It is obvious that many non-Western diets around the world do not include abundant dairy foods yet these people are not necessarily worse off or is it better off.  For instance, they benefit from more fruit and vegetables and cereals and other factors that go with alkaline foods.
Alkaline rather than acid food and drink is seen as a key to bone health.
The turnaround goes something like this: acid foods in the conventional diet are related to dairy, meat, fish and eggs and an over-abundance is counterproductive because too much calcium is used up to buffer the acid.
This summary is a simplistic account and more details, debunking and strategies are found in the book by A J Lanou Assistant prof; M Castleman Science writer; Building Bone Vitality McGraw Hill NY 2009.

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