Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wanted: a brick layer! Time flies and it is 21 years since the Newcastle earthquake hit at the end of 1989. Ever since then, this house has been supported by timber posts.
But now the time is right for reconstruction. The front room is open-air and the old bricks have been cleaned and are surely ready to go again.
Old brick chimneys were damaged and removed from many dwellings.
No disrespect is intended to those in the recent massive earthquakes.


Bill said...

Amazing that it is 21 years ago. We were actually driving from Brisbane to Sydney and had just stopped at Newcastle on the side of the road to buy some fruit. No sooner back in the car when we felt the car sway. First we thought it was a strong wind but the trees weren't moving, then we saw all those ambulances heading north. That's when we tuned into a local radio station.

Jacob said...

Just can't imagine what the people of Haiti and Chile are going through! I don't remember this earthquake in your part of the world, but I can imagine it wasn't very pleasant. I've only experienced a minor one in the mountains of So. California years ago.

Re: your comment on Ocala DP about Palin - "You and me both!"