Friday, March 26, 2010

The Hunter Valley Co-operative Dairy Company Limited, Hexham, (just outside Newcastle), 1953. Known for Oak brand products. The milk bar or cafe, famous for real milk shakes, was a busy mecca for 'Sunday drivers' and others.
The factory is disused and believe is changing hands with cheese makers moving in.
Now, two bridges span the Hunter river at that point and along with an interchage have completely changed the setting. 
Beginning in 1903, more recently, this company went on to merged with Dairy Farmers company from around Sydney. The company had other factories in our valley, including Morpeth and Muswellbrook and a network of centres and developed pure-breed herds and pasture improvement and studied all aspects of milk production as well as state of the art milk processing but all that has changed now.

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Great areal photograph.