Thursday, March 25, 2010

Peters Milk Factory, Taree, with echos of butter churning, dried milk processing, steam cleaning and gum boots  from those days when it was a hive of industry (and sold Peters Ice Cream).
The rail line went past its doors and then to the nearby Co Op milk factory (home of Peerless Ice Cream) where, as well as rail transport, milk cans arrived by conveyor belt from the wharf on the Manning River.
Trucks collected milk twice a day from the dairys before refigeration and bulk handling.

Grass grows over the old rail lines.


Gary Kelly said...

So that's what it was... the old Peters factory. I was there today and the weeds are taller. I had no idea there were rail tracks hidden amongst them.

Anonymous said...

Just a small comment on the "peerless" ice cream.
Actually, the brand name of the ice cream & butter was "PEERESS"
Other products were also produced for the "ALLOWRIE" brand.
I worked ther for 27 years. The last 10.5 years on the road selling the products.

Anonymous said...

the factory pictured was Peters Creameries Pty. Limited - it manufactured milk powders, butter oil and other dairy products at various times and was a vital part of the Peters business based in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

a great factory to work at so many years ago now i joined when the made yoplait yoghurt there that was the days