Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Koori Art Mural from Kurri Kurri township. The black and white figures signify reconciliation.
The Prime Minister will issue a formal national apology to the Stolen Generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians who were removed from their families and communities as children.
Tomorrow, Federal Parliament will be the scene of this momentous occasion.
(Live broadcasts, 8.30am onwards, can be watched in City Hall, Newcastle and on ABC, SKY and SBS TV or heard on ABC Radio National and on Triple J.)

This outdoor mural shows the nearby Sugarloaf Mountain range with the sun rising behind. The tree has seen the changes in the land over the years and the dots above Wallis Creek depict the path that the Aborigines travelled in their search for food. The black and white figures signify reconciliation. Mural designed and painted by Les Elvin and students who attend Barkuma Neighbourhood Centre. Oct 2004.


Jilly said...

I've read the story of the stolen children over the years. Such sadness. am so glad that finally they - and their families - will get an official apology. I love the painting - love that an aboriginal has painted it with the black and the white figures symbolising reconciliation. Super painting, isn't it?

I laughed at the Australia Day poster - sure would hurt your eyes.

Great post!

Jilly said...

Julia, thanks for your comment on one of my blogs. Just to say I lived in Australia for six years - three in Tassie and three in Cairns, so I learned of the history during those years but since then try to follow Aussie politics and life.

My ex-brother in law is a doctor (different name to mine) in your city.