Friday, September 21, 2007


Climbing just above a city. From here flying involves the longest possible hauls. Not only that, we are the second tallest people, so economy class seating is a squeeze whilst confined to the gas guzzler contrails.

Are you a risk taker? This country is looking for skilled people and a seminar on migration and employment is at Darling Harbour on Sat 29th Sepember or visit
Along with some other nationals, more recently, visas allow U.S. and Canadians 18 - 30 to work, travel or study.
Opportunities exist for unskilled workers from far and wide: be wary.
Tertiary study is another option with opportunities that lead to residency.
Bad luck for visitors: the Aussie dollar has been very strong against the $US. Getting our own back for a change!

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Nice photos of the airplane.

My photography over 50 years ago >Sendai, Japan