Saturday, September 22, 2007


Newcastle Jockey Club Racecourse. Deserted. An outbreak of Equine Influenza has occured and the horses in this state have been held in isolation for some weeks now which has caused all sorts of problems for the industry.
This has resulted in several race meetings for the horses and their connections without the punters allowed to attend and for off-course betting purposes. I bet the horses miss the crowd. When will it all get back on track?
The upper Hunter River region is the home of horse breeding and the industry is at a standstill.


Anonymous said...

I suppose it best to hold them in isolation than to lose a lot of horses in an epidemic. Nice picture of the bell.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments to our Pittsburgh to Oz blog Julia. I'm enjoying your shots too. We must live near each other. I was at Kotara mall today, and I recently shopped at the Kotara Dick Smith and Strathfield. I'm also just blocks from NJC, and I recognize the lamb truck location--Sunnyside Inn, Broadmeadow Road. I'm getting to know this town too well!

Thanks for linking, too. Not to complain, but it's Pittsburgh with an "h" (pronounced "aich"). We're very particular about the spelling--fought to restore the "h" after the U.S. Postal Service dropped it for a couple of years in the first decade of the 1900s. Also, it distinguishes us from Pittsburg, Kansas.

Thanks again,

julia said...

Pittsburgh with an 'h' looks just right, what was I thinking? sorry. But is this town big enougf?