Saturday, September 29, 2007


Rugby League, the easy way, on the big screen at Panthers Club, Newcastle, (formerly The Workers' Club). Heaps of people follow league.
The National Rugby League Grand Final is played in Sydney, Sunday, tomorrow, around 7pm , between Melbourne Storm and Manly Sea Eagles. Newcastle Knights' didn't make it this time.
Every man and his dog was at the Workers' when the Knights' bus returned after winning the grand final some years ago. In the past the Workers' had strong associations with trade unionism in this blue collar town. The building was a scene of disaster in the earthquake and subsequently had lengthy litigation - as was the case with several other buildings in the area.


GMG said...

OK, I won't tell who are my favourites to win the world championship...

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I never understood Rugby or Cricket. That's what our sports does to people.

Anonymous said...

Rugby League or Rugby Union? Which is better?
Personally I think Rugby League out classes union by far, though being a Wakefield Wildcats fan makes me a little biased! However I do admit that internationally Rugby League needs some work so Rugby Union has that on its side but what about the game itself?
It seems that Rugby Union is just a collection of dog piles most of the time followed by short lived runs which either involve running straight into the other teams players or scoring the odd try, WHY!?
In Rugby League I can see the point in running straight into your opponent as you have to make some ground only having six tackles to do it but in Union, it’s just a way of losing the ball! Fools!
I mean I like doing a little Rugby League Betting every other week but when it comes to Rugby Union, its just boring! KICK! THERE INFRONT! KICK! THERE BEHIND!! KICK THERE INFRONT AGAIN!!! OH NO WAIT!! THERE BEHIND AGAIN! RUN THE DAMN BALL!!!!
Anyway I’ll stop my rant here and give someone else say what they think!