Thursday, September 20, 2007


Lamb is on our national menu, in fact, roast spring lamb with mint sauce is a highlight. It is springtime and the spring equinox. (Allergic reaction to pollen is not unknown just now)
A Drover is one who drives livestock to market, usually over a long distance. (Macquarie Dictionary) Saltbush would be broad and remote sheep grazing country where the main vegetaion is saltbush which is drought resistant.


Margaret Chandra said...

Love the Saltbush tucker picture!! I saw Maggie Beer visiting saltbush country in remote South Australia in the TV show, "The Cook and the Chef" (or vice versa) - on at 6.30pm on Channel 2!

Anonymous said...

I read your commentary and then had to say that I have never tasted lamb in my almost 73 years on earth. I don't know why. The supermarket meat counters don't even carry it. All there is would be pork and beef and chicken.

I hope you get to see what we did in Japan in 1953. Sendai-shi