Monday, July 02, 2007


There's a ship and the moon there, it takes imagination!
The crowd cheered as the stranded bulk cargo Pasha Bulker was pulled free of the beach tonight. The tugs pulled and pulled and the ship suddenly moved out quickly to the open sea towed beyond the Ocean Baths attended by a group of tugs all by the light of a full moon on a calm mild winter's night. The ship will be checked for damage before moving anywhere else. See previous posts.
Locals have celebrated this red ship in songs. We are very fortunate it was a new ship and not a rusty old thing that could have easily broken up as well as being a risk to every sailor's life as many of them are we are told.


Bergson said...

you like moon and th night

still a good photograph

Ackworth Born said...

good to see it get free.

[will send you a private email when I get chance]

simon kutcher said...

A shame the tourist attraction is gone. I love night shots