Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The US military were here when our north was threatened in WW2. I heard an urban myth to explain the origins of Whisky Grass hereabouts. The servicemen travelled by train and had supplies of whisky that were packed in straw, and disposal of this, along the journey, meant the straw, which held the grass seeds, grew and spread. I guess, it is found far and wide.

Fields look nice enough but as cattle food it is poor. It is one of the few weeds that can invade undisturbed bushland. It invades forest etc by growing along the paths. Andropogon virginicus is perennial, tufted with solid stems growing to one metre tall, orange brown fading to straw coloured during winter.

The sight of the fields is a change to be in and time spent out of town leads to doses of renewal.

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Olivier said...

c'est une belle l├ęgende urbaine. je la trouve amusante, voila des champs qui doivent avoir une bonne odeur ;o)

it is a beautiful urban legend. I find amusing it, veiled fields which must have a good odor ;O)