Saturday, July 28, 2007


The furry Koala Bear enjoys sleeping in a tree as well as some activity (whichever way is up)
If you are game enough have your photo taken with a Koala from Blackbutt Reserve as part of the coming week: your city and your council celebrate.
A program of free events is planned for the Civic Precinct and is probably on the council website. (The Herald)
Afterall, the city council has an impact on our lifestyle despite the fact that the federal government is constantly in the limelight and is largly redundant.


Jilly said...

Great shots. I find night shots tricky - this is good. Do koalas still have diseases as they did when I lived in Oz? I remember their numbers were going down because of a disease not dissimilar to AIDS.

Steve Buser said...

A captivating cuddly capture.
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

julia said...

Jilly, thanks, this time, Catherine was my photographer and she did fine and I would imagine that the koala is still threatened, so much of their land is shrinking due to housing etc. driving them out.
Steve: quite a cool coment.

annulla said...

That sleeping koala is so fat & cute, he looks like a fluffy fur pillow.