Wednesday, January 01, 2020

 Ulmus minor var. Cornubiensis  seems to be of the maple tree group and having heard how maple trees have been lost in the UK was curious to see a maple tree in these gardens.
 What's more there must be a connection with maple syrup - didn't expect that. Waffles, ice cream and maple syrup was on a wish list I asked for regarding Christmas dinner. I regret the salted caramel popcorn just a little - caramel all over even with a short cut in the recipe.
I am old enough to recall waffles ice cream and maple syrup were on the menu at Cahills Restaurants in Sydney - a bit of an institution.
On second thoughts there is more to this. The Acer group of trees are maples and of different appearance.  
Our trees and animals are being decimated by fire.  I am glad that we have a great carbon sink in our  lightly forested vast hills and dales 'but that was yesterday' as it all goes up in smoke.


William Kendall said...

The news out of Australia right now is shocking, to say the least.

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