Saturday, January 04, 2020

Just another day and is it a glimpse into some country at war.  The road ahead becomes increasingly smoke filled and the sun glows red and the thick smelly air reaches the nose and lungs. the surrounding country side is dessicated.
 Apps report the highway may be closed tomorrow so get well beyond that point but what is further afield?
 "Fires Near Me" and flamed filled triangles crowd the map, semis are in their usual hurry or are they fleeing to beat any delays while they would already know any so called war zones they have traversed to the south where the temperatures are up in the forties for the coming day along with unfavourable  winds.
The Fast food declares  that due to the bushfires they may need to shut up shop unexpectedly and those fifteen year old staff reach home safely as the blackend fields are a sign that fire was near and only the highway stood between it and the village.  Subdued customers roll in for chicken with eleven herbs and spices and ice flurry is an idea to keep ahead of dehydration and one power point is located to recharge other aspects. 
In the know, the fuel service centre has large water tanks, pumps and firefighting equipment as standard.
 Just another day but also a terrific warning to act to prevent climate change.


William Kendall said...

The news coming out of your part of the world is, to say the least, discouraging.

Unknown said...

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