Thursday, January 23, 2020

Imagine Phillip Island Victoria
Natural beauty is found there and a nature reserve is home to little penguins and the thousands of visitors they attract, as well it has a racing circuit for bikes or cars. In between mindless laps one can look towards the vista out to sea and along the blue coast line. Quite a setting!
Strangely, outside of the visitors centre of the GP race course is a fairly incongruous pleasant Japanese inspired garden with zen-like qualities and a small flock of peacocks. A little grove of pine trees is part of it.
A history of motor sport in Australia is presented. Strangly it comprises a small collection of early cars of no special trend as well as a very specialised collection of super bikes of only two Italian makes and probably not well known here at all.  Unusual.

Images and even mild technology needs to be sorted when there are apps and old style blogging at odds with each other and proving they are linked and who I am and downloading fun and games has not produced a working image this time.


William Kendall said...

Hopefully you get the photo issue sorted.

Unknown said...
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