Saturday, July 08, 2017

There is no temple on the rocky outcrop but spirituality is found in all places.
Future presidential material A billionaire, in media, associate of Trump, clash with the law, Harry Teno (Tanoesoedibo) is an Indonesian with friends, influence and money tho possibly he does not belong to the correct religion but really will that count?
ABC TV had a long look at new resorts in Indonesia in Bali and Bogor area by Trump Hotels plus local big names and how the development rides rough shod over areas of special significance, sacred spaces be it Hindu temple or forested valley.
Another theme park will do wonders for Harry Teno's popularity.  And a toll road.
Any citizen of means does exceedingly well in a less affluent country on the backs of the majority who earn very little.

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William Kendall said...

What a beautiful spot.

When you see the rank arrogance of a Trump or that sniveling little punk drug company tycoon currently on trial, you understand what feeds into revolutions.