Saturday, July 15, 2017

Been fishing?
Eco announcements.  From the supermarkets, lagging in several states, single use plastic shopping bags will cease use months out from today. Reusable plastic bags will be sold for 15cents each.  Reusable fabric shopping bag are also sold and are used by a lot of shoppers.
 What is the point of selling PLASTIC shopping bags?  Convenience and sales. 
Will the customer bring them back to reuse or will these new bags also go straight to landfill? At best, the bags are destined for landfill or litter after several uses.
We are all paying higher prices for our groceries to cover the growth of duplicate supermarkets in many suburbs.  In theory it provides competition but it would seem that customers are mobile and shop wherever and can manage without new giant twin supermarkets on every corner. They put the familiar shops right out of business and diversity is lost all round.
Often it is easy to see the country towns that remain vibrant in their centre are those that do not have a vast supermarket on the edge of town. When that happens they become a shadow of their former selves with rows of empty shops and disjointed pockets of activity. Grand interesting shops of note go wasted. If a town is clever enough to see the trend they might integrate a smaller supermarket into the existing stock of buildings and with parking lots nearby keep the town alive.
Aldi do not have single use plastic bags but, again, reusable plastic ones are sold. 
  Secondly, a massive storage battery is to be built in South Australia, the state that has bit the bullet and established alternative energy supplies despite total lack of support by the negative Federal gov.  Out of the blue, a famous American of Tesla fame I believe , said the battery will be built in 100 days or will be free of charge.
 Recently, the G20 was centred on vital change and carbon targets to save our environment yet reporting was dominated by the antics of the US and Russian dictators and their problems unrelated to climate change.

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William Kendall said...

I use reusable fabric bags. I don't shop for a lot at any given time, so I can carry whatever I've got in one or two of them.