Saturday, May 06, 2017


May the fourth estate be with you!  Clippings all the way from the 1980s.   Shock... horror... regret.. The Sydney Morning Herald workers are on strike over drastic cut backs by Fairfax press who has survival in mind.  Who will be the hard copy foil to Murdock News Corp press in The Australian and the dreaded Daily Tele? 
Subscriptions have been know to rise following the recent attacks on the press in the USA.
Fairfax is on-line as well theguardian  Australia edition and the New York Times has opened an office in Sydney described as an experimental outpost. Everything is on-line, ABC etc.
What if Facebook did not remain in the hands of a semi-benevolent millionaire and became  malevolent?  Legislation is highly desirable to safeguard the massive Facebook data base from political or economic manipulation along with the social.  It is very slack to ignore the risk.  As they say, some institutions are bigger than any government.  Take care.

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William Kendall said...

It's a hard time for papers, trying to adjust to new realities, but more than ever, we definitely need counterpoints to anything put out by that sociopathic little toad Murdoch. When that miserable old bastard dies, a lot of people will forego the usual not speaking ill of the dead and say good riddance.