Sunday, May 21, 2017

Are there blue skies, nothing but blue skies.....
This morning a group was addressed by an organization.  It was an appeal for funds.  'Right in your local suburbs are brothers and sisters who are poor, they are very grateful for assistance to buy food or pay energy bills etc.  A local small groups of volunteers visit those in need to provide the help we are asked to finance.'
  The maximum amount of social security for job seekers for a single person with no children is $267.80 per week.  I believe this figure has been unchanged for years and years.  A minority of our brothers and sisters will never do very well on an allowance of that size.  Most accommodation would cost more than that.
  Their difficulties and the current payments result in failure and the system puts the responsibility on the good will and actions of charity workers. The government exploits the charities.
  Mature age citizens who get social security are often allowed various generous measures at the same time as they enjoy good levels of disposable income.  Compare that to a long term job seeker and the tiny amount they exist on.
  It calls for more justice in the system, designed and championed for the common good, free of insinuations that 'my taxes are being wasted' provided that the payments are regulated against fraud. Unlike others, welfare is part and parcel of this society and does good.
  As for the mature aged and superannuation, it can be taken for granted that a high income earner will end up with relatively abundant superannuation benefits while it is the low income earner who really needs big concessions and help in order to accumulate anything for retirement.

'Together we can do heroic things'  'When you give to Vinnies you're helping our volunteers rebuild lives this winter'
$50      Can provide warm blankets for men and women experiencing homelessness
$100    Can buy a week's worth of essential groceries for a struggling family.
$200    Can help pay a family's utility bill this winter
$500    Can provide a safe haven for a woman and child escaping domestic violence
$1000  Can prevent a family from being evicted from their home this winter.
St Vincent de Paul Society NSW

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William Kendall said...

I think the number for someone on social assistance here is similar. On disability it's higher.