Saturday, January 16, 2016

Monkeys lived close to where we stayed in Sumatera and swung and climbed and walked the tightrope on the electrical cables of which there is a photo but it may not upload as the wi fi is not very strong at this hotel.
 Tethering has been useful and we havnt done too badly considering we cant read the data about the phone plan or the multitude of texts that the telco keeps sending.
 Nature is rather good to be in - not trecking but staying close to the park and the jungle or jaunting around. The natural environment is terrific and markedly contrasts with the built environment and the chaos on the roads.
  Around here, it is difficult to see that any regulations what so ever are enforced and ones that we take for granted. Is it a lawless country? Never the less, it hangs together and sort of functions and in some respects does not seem unsafe. Religion might be the glue in this society.
  Best keep away from Western franchises to avoid risks.

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