Sunday, January 31, 2016

 The congregation was relaxed outside the cathedral in Jakarta in front of a video relay.  It was a full house inside. Plenty of action due to large number taking roles in the liturgy, choir, assistants, vergers,
parking control men, the lot.  Then they geared up for the next liturgy on the hour.
A big population creates a lot of vibrancy.
  The wood carvings that make up the altars and more are rather special and a reminded of Europe.  Assume that the floral arrangements, which were many, were from marriage ceremonies the day before.
  Most surprisingly food vendors were absent from the grounds.
  The vast mosque is across the road which I wished to see but trying to track down a city sights tour bus was driving us crazy.  A car free morning on certain city streets probably upset the system - and there is a system I understand.

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