Monday, January 25, 2016

Kereta Api.  Train service in Java is organized and spic and span. Plenty of ups and downs at the stations due to need to walk across the lines and take little ramps to the narrow platforms where steps are put in place to climb in the carriage.  If a train is in the station anyone on the wrong side of the platform climbs thru train A to get to train B.
  The couple on the platform are travellers from Chile who found Indonesia was challenging them.  Yes, independent travel here takes you to the limits of endurance!
 As the train passes the smaller stations two members of staff in full uniform stand to attention as it passes.
 The line spanned several long and deep river valleys and gullies with the train perched on concrete piers without any superstructure above the line.
 First class rail is used by a small minority considering the size of the population while the more affordable services seem to travel overnight and take ages.

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