Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Melbourne Cup Day,  Horse power and Raymond Loewy - who is today marked by Google who shows us a rakish steam locomotive designed by Loewy.
An old paper clipping found tucked away by a relative is of the then biggest and most powerful locomotive in the world completed at the Schenectady works of the Northern Pacific Railway, America. "It will develop 6000 horse power, and with tender will weigh approximately 1,100,000 lbs." On checking the 'net it could be said that this loco is a 2 8 8 4, with those two sets of eight driving wheels, possibly a Yellowstone type and Northern Pacific was the first to order one in 1928. Seemingly built by ALCO connected with New York Central rail. Rail was hugh and soon traversed most of America. Imagine the classic syle of vintage rail cars some of which had interiors also designed by Loewy. Another loco, Big Boy is a 4 8 8 4 with Union Pacific and must be well known and restored examples may be seen. Just imagine a behemoth 2 10 10 2 type of 1913. The last of such big examples of locos were probably built in Russia as late as 1955. Mallet, a Swiss engineer, developed the amazing articulated aspects where the first set of driving wheels were free to enable the loco to drive around curves. Yesterday, I came across what seems to be the same train as the photo in a baby's first picture book.   

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