Saturday, November 30, 2013

Brick upon brick and Nobbys signal station. We have a lot to be thankful for. We need to keep things in perspective and cut some slack for the older generations and the retiring age. Not so long ago there was no financial assistance of note to raise children even when families were bigger than nowdays. Childcare subsidies were unknown and doubt those costs were a tax deduction. No first home grant or relief from stamp duty. No paid maternity leave nor government bonus. Superannuation was not subsidised. Power consumption and carbon footprint were unbelievably low. Freeway demand was a non event. Not long ago, prescripton drugs, diagnositic tests, therapy, mental health care and elective surgery was minimal and did not drain the economy in a hugh way and overall the older generation "cost" much less than today. Without illness prevention obesity in the young could lead to a much bigger and costly issue than any from the past. Deafness could increase like never before. Paid employment is fine for the elderly and it is responsible to extend financial independence and extend the retiring age but we need to cut some slack for the generation that is in this transition for they have managed without much of what is taken for granted nowdays.

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